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Baked just right!


Image by Deva Williamson


Fresh n' Tasty!

The quintessence behind launching The Pastry Studio is to showcase Chef Shajji’s vivid handmade creatives that are reflected in his cakes, pastries, pies, tartlets, and more. As you step in, the mesmerising appeal of the decadent products will rein you in and make sure you are hooked!

The tantalizing desserts will sweep you off the floor not one time, but every time!

The time is now!

And here it is, Bangalore, The Pastry Studio is ready to whip, whisk, knead, and blend in some amazing bakes and cakes.

white and red cupcake with white icing o

Eggless cakeS



Pastries by the sea

Chef Shajji the brainchild behind The Pastry Studio has garnered culinary expertise that is honed by his varied experience.

The Pastry Studio was an idea he had for a long, long time. Every time he decided it was time, something came up and the idea was locked in the oven. Then one fine day, after the idea baked to perfection, it spilled out, everything fell in place, and it just happened…

Rolling Dough


Indian Cuisine


Image by Bryam Blanco

Our 'SWEET' tells!

Cakes goodies

Everything at The Pastry Studio is handmade.

The connoisseur’s brilliant sugar art creations are visible in the inventive wedding cakes, ingenious pastries, pies, mousse, and the perfect renditions of classic, timeless desserts.

Chef Shajji has a unique specialisation;

he can craft edibles that can be used. Now that’s something!

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