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The mantra!

“The right mix of ingredients helps you cook appropriately, which is passion-driven. Creating dishes that stand on their own sans garnish props and fancy names is one of my goals."

My Footprints

The Pastry Studio, a creation of Chef Shajji, is a dream come true. His culinary experience is well honed by the advantage of having worked in varied culture of corporate hospitality world.


​Chef Shajji has had the opportunity to cater to facilities on air, land, and water. His CV shines with jobs like the Executive Chef (India), at LSG Sky Chefs (BIAL), Hotel Lalit Ashok (B’lore), OFS, Intercontinental hotel, as well as on board some popular cruise lines.

​Having mastered a variety of cuisines, his first love remains patisserie. His most cherished memories are of learning the sweet art and he wants to share his love with the world. The Pastry Studio is giving wings to his sweet dream. Come savor the labors of love.


The Journey which unraveled Sweetness

Creators are dreamers too.

The idea of this venture set seed early in his career, and he let it bake in the oven over the years,

adding research, knowledge and variety. Now it is all ready to change the very taste buds of this lovely city and beyond.

Domino Cookies

Let us lend you a domino

Your emotions can be evoked by our cakes and pastries. Taking you back to the good old days, Chef Shajji's special menus will make you feel like you just had a slice of soul food, create a sense of déjà vu, but what does it result in? A constant craving for sweets!

The Pastry Studio lets imaginations run wild! Watch out!

At The Pastry Studio, everything is hand-made with love. The connoisseur's skilled art creations are evident in wedding cakes, ingenious pastries, pies, mousse, and the perfect renditions of classic, timeless desserts, which are offered to all segments and generations. love.

Chef Shajji has a unique specialty in calorie control, so please go ahead and grab your slice! 

Chef Shajji's signature taste and style can be found in the Pastry Studio.

  • Authentic crafted Danish, cinnamon rolls, croissants, chocolate swirls.

  • For bread lovers, we have shortbreads, sour loaves of bread, flavored loaves, baguettes, quiches, and buns. 

  • Finger licking, colorful macaroons, tartlets, brownies, cakes, brioche, cookies, pies, nougats, cupcakes, muffins, and more.  

Indulge in the madness of our creations!

Our sweetest tales!

So, what's baking in there!!!

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